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Mhs Exists To Improve Performance, Find Solutions And Be A Solid Source. Our Roots Are In Strength And Conditioning…We Discovered That Programming For Each Unique Sport And/Or Profession Was Somewhat Incomplete.

Therefore, We Built The Programming From The Ground Up. We Have Over 400+ Videos For Your Resource Collection And Growing. We Will Continue To Design And Improve All Of Our Programs To Furhter Your Performance. We Are Committed To You, Your Success, And Your Results. We Hold True To Traditional Concepts, And Continue To Create And Implement New Ones.

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Want To Know – We Guarantee Our Stuff Works

Nothing is more overwhelming than the volume of self-proclaimed coaches as well as the infinite variety of online programming offered. MHS believes in hard work, honesty, and productivity. Not social hype by the numbers or anything like that. Genuine professionalism.

Our programming focuses on outside performance, not just gym performance if you know what I mean. We need to see real-world success.

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Where have we been for the past week or so? Well First off I hope everyone had a great Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Passover as well as Easter.

With all the passing of Holy week, it is time to look forward. Can you look into the future? Can you see what's ahead of you? If you have those special powers then we need to talk, I need to know how can I hit the lotto. When I ask those questions it makes me think, how are you seeing what's ahead of you? Are you visualizing every lift before

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Sign Me a Tune

Most people could care less about what is being played while they are lifting, but for others, music takes them to the next place, a level up or the dimension that only music can take them to. If you are that kind of person you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what music you want. Best thing for ya, if you have an ipod is to create a playlist. Have a playlist set for each day. The days that you know you are going to go super heavy or the days that you know you need to move fast to.

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