The Philosophy

MHS exists to improve performance and not be squared in to a one modal training scheme or any one constraint.

Our stronghold is to write solid programs that applies to each athlete's individual needs and yield results.

We have 400+ videos for reference implemented in programming prescriptions per sport or command. We will continue to give new and improved exercise training videos used also as fillers where ever needed or desired.

We won't reinvent the wheel, but we will push effective components, improve on them and repeat.


We are in pursuit of Extraordinary Strength. It motivates, but too, is our safety net. We are committed to one another to push harder and risk more on any given day. The assertiveness and focus for major breakthroughs, but without the risk of injury.

To maintain this temperament we're dedicated to clients and athletes who dare to train with us at our gym who have the mental ability to adapt this philosophy. Mile High Strong is driven, private, but not closed.