New To The Game

So you are deciding to give this crazy, psychotic, stupid , Awesome sport a go. Well I will say it’s better than Golf, which I can’t and won’t ever play. But before you even get started you have to ask yourself a few questions or maybe more than a few:

Is this sport for me?

Why do I want to do it?

Can I stick with it when it gets hard?

What are my Goals?

This looks fun. Wait is it fun?

Will I get hurt?

And the most Important

How Do I get started?

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For most guys they started strongman because they saw it on TV. IT was either Bill Kaz, O.D. Wilson,  Chief Iron Bear Collins, Brian Schoonveld, Phil Phister, Big Z, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Poundstone, Shaw, the names are endless.  No Matter who it was that you saw, you most likely said to yourself “Dear Lord that MOFO is huge!”

Now that you have found this world of beast roaming the Earth lifting heavy things, you believe that you have found your calling. So what do you do? If you were like me and found this sport when I was 12 or 13, you found a heavy duty rope went out to the driveway, attached the rope to your mom or dads car and started to pull. Well that was a start and you just wanted to give it a try. Since TImes have changed and there are clubs and gyms that offer strongman training, you now have somewhere to start, either that or you start buying your own equipment. But let s say that you don’t have the money for thousands of dollars for equipment but you do for a monthly membership. Time to head in.

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Now that you have found a place that lets you train strongman, you have to ask yourself, “Do I train alone or with a crew?” Now that all depends on you. Do you need to be critiqued and do you not give a shit?  Well if you are fine by yourself then get to it. but if you want to train with a crew then it’s time to get acquainted with the strongman team.

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Now at first I am sure you are going to say to yourself, “There is no fucking way I can keep up with these guys!” But I will tell you this that I have told many and I mean many newbies. “Go at your own PACE!” I never want to see anyone who has never done the sport before come in and try to kill themselves.  Once you have gotten to know the team, able to take the jokes and dish them back, it’s time to train. Ask questions never feel like you are interrupting their training. There is nothing wrong with asking questions during a training session. How else do you plan to learn. I can guarantee you no matter who you train with, each guy will always be will to help, give you pointers and tell you if you are doing a piss job or killing it.