Law Enforcement Plans

Law Enforcement Professionals have specific job performance needs. Combat performance and survivability depends on your fitness. Your body is your chief weapon. Lack of fitness or injury prone, you become a liability, not an asset.

Law Enforcement/Tactical Athlete Needs Analysis:

  • Specific Endurance
  • Outcome-Based Training
  • Strength, Power, Strength Endurance
  • Functional Training (High Degree Of Transferability)
  • Relative Strength, Work Capacity, Stamina
  • Strength + Mobility = Performance Durability For Longevity
  • Tactical Speed, Explosive Power, Agility
  • High Transferable Core Training (Infrastructure Integrity)



  • Job Performance is our goal when designing programs. If training does not have a high transferability… we are not doing our job.
  • Strength is the foundation of performance. Total body, core and work capacity is our focus. We build durability…strength and mobility are king.
  • Recovery…it is not a popular thought but an aspect we know it is important for progressing and staying injured free.
  • We must know where we are in order to know where we are going. Assessment and planning is a part of our foundation.
  • We test out our programming for optimal results. Modifications are made where needed and we are continuously learning to bring you the best information and design possible.


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