GENERAL Tier Strength


Tier Strength – Overview

“Tier” Strength Session Design is the best strength programming I’ve devised for “hybrid” training for athletes and differing physical professions.

“Tier” represents Total Body, Lower Body, and Upper Body. Within a Tier strength session, each component is trained (total, lower, upper) but with a differing intensity (loading) and volume (reps to per set and total reps per exercise).

Each session there is an alternating order that taps into the 1RM strength lift as the first exercise and percentage from that. The second exercise uses 6 rounds and 3-5 repetitions (18-30 reps total). t. It’s coupled with a explosive movement completed immediately after finishing the lift. The third exercise has the highest volume, with 6 Rounds and 4-10 repetitions (24-60 reps total). Again, coupled with a body weight movement.

The Tier progression is a way to train strength frequently, without overtraining and the entire body gets a form of strength trained in one session.



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