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US Navy PST Overview

This is a designated 6 week program intended to improve your Physical Screen Test (PST) score based on your current level of fitness. The PST is used as a gateway physical fitness test for the following ratings: The sea, air, and land (SEAL), special warfare combatant-craft crewmen (SWCC), explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), Navy diver (ND), and aviation rescue swimmer (AIRR).

The standards and competitive scores for selection differ for each rating. Research this instruction to know what is expected of you (current as of 7 May 2013). Ensure you know the exact form to use for each callisthenic movement per the instruction.


This is a 5 day/week training program:

Monday – Assessment/Strength Endurance and Run Intervals

Tuesday – Swim + Core

Wednesday – Strength Endurance and Run Intervals

Thursday – Swim + Core

Friday – Strength Endurance and Run Intervals

Weeks 1, 3, and 5’s Monday session is a two-a-day in which you will perform the PST during the AM and a short Strength Endurance session in the PM. Do not skip any sessions. Do them exactly in order as they are designed.


During this program, every number of calisthenics repetitions you perform is based on the number of repetitions you completed during your last PST in the program (Sessions 1, 11, and 21).


Performs 50x Push-ups on the initial PST during Session 1.

Session 8 from the plan calls for:

(1) 5 Rounds, every 60 sec. 40% of max reps Push-ups

then immediately…

(2) 1 Round

Max reps Push-ups in 60 sec.

Which means:

40% of 50x Push-ups is 20 (.4 x 50 = 20). So, a set your timer to 60 sec. On Round 1, do 20x Push-ups as fast as possible with proper form, then rest for the remaining time in the 60 sec. interval. When Round 1’s 60 sec. is up, immediately begin Round 2 by sprinting though 20x push-ups as fast as possible with proper form, again resting for the remainder of the 60 sec. interval after completing all 20 reps. Repeat this through 5 Rounds. Then, immediately after Round 5’s 60 sec is up, do 1 Round of as many Push-ups as possible during the 60 sec. interval. You can rest and start again if necessary – just work the entire 60 sec.

The Curl-Up Progression works in the exact same way.

The Pull-Up Progression is different, but still based on your last assessment’s performance.


Performs 10x Pull-ups on the initial PST during Session 1.

Session 8 from the plan calls for:

(5) Perform the following: 80% max reps Pull-ups 120 sec. Rest

60% max reps Pull-ups

90 sec. Rest

40% max reps Pull-ups 60 sec. Rest

40% max reps Pull-ups 60 sec. Rest

20% max reps Pull-ups

Which means:

80% of 10x Pull-ups is 8 (.8 x 10 = 8). You’ll perform 8x Pull-ups, then rest for 120 sec. Then you’ll perform 6x Pull-ups (60% of 10) and rest 90 sec. Repeat this process for each percentage of your Pull-up score, taking the appropriate rest interval as prescribed.


The program includes scaled paces for your run and swims. These paces are based on your assessment results (again, Sessions 1, 11, and 21). Always use the latest assessment results to determine paces for subsequent training sessions.

We use interval training to train the runs and swims. The intervals distances are shorter than the assessment, and the paces are faster than your assessment pace.

Assessment                  Interval Distance

1.5-mile Run                 800m Repeats

500m Swim                   250m Swim Repeats

The tables are modified to your last assessment time and it dictates the pace you need to keep for each repeat of the interval. The tables are self-explanatory and easy to figure out as you work through the training plan. Contact us with issues.


This plan doesn’t require a gym. However, you will need the following equipment to complete it:

  1. Water-resistant watch with timer/stopwatch (the Timex 100-Lap Ironman is best)
  2. Pull-up Bar
  3. 25m Swimming Pool
  4. Track or trail of known distance
  5. Swim goggles or face mask


Sessions are designed to take 60 minutes.

What is the proper calisthenics form?

You’re accountable to know this and train every session using it. Refer to the Naval Instruction link.

The Naval Instruction for the PST says I have to yell out lap numbers for the swim and run as I complete them… Do it.

What if I can’t make the prescribed reps for the calisthenics or the interval times for the runs or swims?

Do your best, and be sure to do the total number of rounds, even if you can’t make time. Don’t quit.

How do you count reps for Flutter Kicks and other unilateral (one side at a time) exercises?

The rep counts are for each leg, so if it says 50x Flutter kicks, do 50x each leg, 100x total. Meaning each leg should rise and drop 50x times.

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