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Law Enforcement Academy Plan - Strategy

Law Enforcement Academy Plan – Strategy

This 7-Week “Base Fitness Plan” for those preparing to enter Law Enforcement Academies. This includes city police, sheriff deputies, state highway patrol, etc. While the department you’re preparing for may vary slightly in their fitness demands, we found all follow a para-military approach to their respective academies.


In this plan you are training specifically to meet and exceed the demands of the academy. Complete the plan in the seven weeks directly before your academy start date… it includes a “deload” week so that you are well recovered before checking in to the academy.


Once you have graduated, we recommend continued training for job specific programming.


LE Academy Fitness Demands


Cooper Physical Fitness Test – Several academies use this as their physical fitness test, which consists of:


Vertical Jump test

1RM Bench Press

Sit Ups, Push Ups

1.5 Mile run


After each has been assessed we develop an interval based training cleared through your assessment.


Lower and Total Body Strength – Trained 1x/week to develop durability and maximal strength in the LE recruit


Work Capacity – Repeat sprint efforts and a short bodyweight work capacity effort


Endurance – Work up to 5 Miles to develop aerobic endurance


Infrastructure Integrity – Functional, transferable core/mis-section strength and strength endurance for mission performance and overall durability


TAC SEPA – Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility development for obstacle courses or simulated foot pursuits.


This is what your training week will look like:


Monday: Cooper Physical Fitness Test or Push Ups, Sit Up, Sprinting, and 800m Intervals

Tuesday: Strength, I. Integrity

Wednesday: Push Ups, Sit Up, Sprinting, and 800m Intervals

Thursday: TAC SEPA, Work Capacity, I. Integrity

Friday: Aerobic Endurance


How To Find My Reps For The Push Up/Sit Up Progression


Example session:


(1) 6 Rounds, every 75 sec.

Push-Ups 30% of your Max Reps Scored on SESSION 1 PFT


If you completed 50 Push Ups on your Cooper Physical Fitness Test, you will use that score to find your reps per round.


??????? 50 x .3 = 15 push ups per round. After completing 15 push ups, use the remaining time as your rest.


Required Equipment:


Fully Equipped Functional Fitness Weight Room including barbells, racks, bumper plates, dumbbells, plyo boxes, 25# weight vest, and sandbags (40/60#)


Common Questions:


How long are the training sessions?

50-60 minutes.


What if I miss a session?

Always start again where you left off.


I don’t work a 5 on, 2 of schedule. How should I train?

For weeks 1-6, try to train 4 days in a row and get 3 full days of total rest. For weeks 7-8 try to train 5 days in a row and get 2 full days of total rest. It’s okay if you have to split up your rest days. Do your best given your schedule. You may have to train on a off-duty day and rest on a duty day.


I work 10-12 hour shifts. When should I train?

Before your work day begins. This is the only time you can count on.



I’ve never lifted weights before….

Time you started! The weight lifting exercises in this training plan are not complicated or super unique. On our Exercise page you’ll find videos and explanations of unfamiliar exercises ….


What does 2/4x Pull Ups mean?

2x for female athletes, 4x for men.


What does 15/25# mean?

Female athletes use 15#, male athletes use 25#.


Unfamiliar exercises? Go to Plans and Sessions Exercise Page



Some exercises call for kettle bells and some for dumbbells. What if I just have dumbbells?


Every exercise that calls for kettlebells can be completed with dumbbells, and vice versa. You may have to convert the loading, so if the plan calls for kettlebell swings at 16kg, and you only have dumbbells, use a 35# dumbbell. Be resourceful.

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Law Enforcement Academy Plan - Strategy