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This training is a program that utilizes bodyweight and the use of a barbell for strength training and work capacity purposes. It is further paired with aerobic endurance training and core strength for durability.

All strength work is progressed and we use max reps as a marker for exercises weight selection…

We progress the endurance work through distance. At the top of the progression, you’ll be ruck running 6 miles, and running 8 miles (unloaded).

Ideally, you will train Monday through Friday, and take Saturday and Sunday as full rest days. If for some reason there is schedule interference, do not skip any sessions, and do them in order prescribed.

Training week:

Monday: Gym-Based Strength, Endurance (Unloaded 5-Mile Run)
Tuesday: Gym-Based Strength, Work Capacity, Core
Wednesday: Endurance (Ruck-Run)
Thursday: Gym-Based Strength/Core
Friday: Endurance (Unloaded Run, up to 8 miles)


  • Stopwatch
  • Fully equipped gym with barbells, racks, bench press, pull up bar, kbs and/or dumbbells, plyo boxes, etc.
  • 45# Ruck for men, 35# Ruck for women plus a 10# dumbbell, rubber rifle or sledge hammer. We prefer old ALICE packs for rucking.

Recommended – GPS Enabled Sport Watch such as the Garmin Forerunner 10. A GPS watch will allow you to add variety to your running and rucking routes.


How long should the training session take?

Monday – 75 minutes
Tuesday – 60-90 minutes
Wednesday – 60 minutes
Thursday – 45-60 minutes
Friday – 60-90 minutes

2 numbers are written for loading.

    • The lower weight is the prescribed weight for women, and the higher is for men, for example, 5x of NPRRs at 20/30# means women use 20# dumbbells and men use 30# dumbbells.

3/5x Pull ups mean…

    • The first number is for women, second for men. So women do 3x pull ups, and men do 5x pull ups.

Dumbbells and kettlebells are interchangeable.

  • Use dumbbells at the same weight. For example, if the session calls for a pair of 16kg kbs, use 35# dbs.

What is this exercise?

A complete list and video demonstration of our exercises can be found here:
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