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Staying Power Training Cycle


Staying power is the ability to endure for an extended amount of time in challenging missions, events and mini events over the course of a long day.

Staying power or stamina (can be used interchangeably here) has a mental aspect, too. Fatigue can alter the sharpness required by tactical events. Therefore, physical and mental stamina should be sought. What we call the Triad here is physical, mental and attitude. Never letting one deteriorate.

It is absolutely necessary to train endurance and recovery. Short intense anaerobic bouts are good but aerobic endeavors are sought to recover here.


The goal of this unique program is described below:

  • Train recovery from long events, or multiple short events over a long day
  • Train mental attitude/toughness
  • This is a consecutive 4-day a week plan with full rest on 3 remaining days.
  • Three Days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, you’llcomplete a Stamina Session lasting 75-90 minutes. Stamina sessions are our most intense, and involve performing incredible amounts of volume, focused on your legs, lungs and core.
  • On Wednesdays you’ll complete a 60-minute, hybrid strength and work capacity training session.


How long should the training sessions take?
Stamina Sessions last 75-120 minutes. Wednesday’s sessions should last 60 minutes.

Don’t skip a session or skip ahead.

What special equipment will be required?
You’ll need a 25# weight vest or Individual Body Armor (IBA) to complete this training program. You’ll also need a sandbag – 40# for women, and 60# for men.

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