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Work Capacity Adaptation Program


This is an intense, 15-session (5-days per week) training cycle designed to advance work capacity – the amount of work you can do for a given time. Training is structured Monday through Friday. Each week prepares you for the next, and the order of each session’s circuit duration is important. Do sessions in order prescribed regardless if you miss a day.

Weekly Schedule
Monday: Work Capacity
Tuesday: Work Capacity
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Work Capacity
Friday: Endurance


You’ll need access to a fully equipped commercial gym. This program can be completed as is in most gyms, though maybe not all.
Here’s a list of gear you may need to provide on your own:

  • Sandbag – 40/60# (40# for women, 60# for men)
  • Swiss Ball (you can substitute an EZ Curl bar or barbell with an iron 10# plate on each side for loading)
  • Cones to mark 25m lengths (or towels or anything else that won’t blow away and is easy to see)
  • 16 or 17” Step-up Bench – this is the height of most benches. Needs a hard, stable stepping surface.
  • 12-20” Box for Box Jumps and Burpee + Box Jumps


    • We use many formats to train work capacity. There are two that a little explanation will go a long way in helping you understand their execution:


    • Countdowns have decreasing reps for every round you complete. For example:
    • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for time
    • Sandbag Back Squats – 40/60#
    • NPRRs – 15/25# – each row is 1x
    • Scratch Your Backs – count total reps, not in each direction
    • Which means you’ll start by doing…
    • 10x Sandbag Back Squats – 40/60#
    • 10x NPPRs – 15/25# – each row is 1x
    • 10x Scratch Your Backs – count total reps, not in each direction
    • Then for the next round…
    • 9x Sandbag Back Squats – 40/60#
    • 9x NPRRs- 15/25# – each row is 1x
    • 9x Scratch Your Backs – count total reps, not in each direction
    • Then for the next round…
    • 8x Sandbag Back Squats – 40/60#
    • 8x NPRRs- 15/25# – each row is 1x
    • 8x Scratch Your Backs – count total reps, not in each direction
  • …and so on down to 1x of each exercise.


Density circuits mean you have a certain amount of time each round to complete the prescribed amount of work. The faster you go, the more rest you’ll earn. For example:

    • 17 Rounds, every 60 sec.
    • 3x Niks P – 45/65#
    • Which means you have 60 sec. to do 3x Niks P. The faster you do the 3x, the more rest you’ll get until the end of the 60 sec. interval. As soon as the 60 sec. ends, you’ll immediately begin the next round. The idea is that you will sprint through each round, doing the 3x Niks Ps as fast as you can each round. As you fatigue, you may slow down, but you must keep working through each round as fast as you can.
    • There are a couple of pieces of equipment you may not have and aren’t easy to acquire: a GHD machine, Kettlebells, and an Ab Wheel. Here are some substitutions or workarounds for movements that involve these pieces of equipment.


How long should the training sessions take?

    • 60 minutes
    • What if I can’t keep the Monday through Friday schedule?
    • Do not skip any sessions. Do your best to train 5-days per week keeping the sessions in the exact order listed. The program is progressive and you should not skip around. If you take a break, pick up where you left off.

2 numbers are written for loading AFTER LIFTS.

    • The lower weight is the prescribed weight for women, and the higher is for men, for example, 5x of ½ GET UPS at 20/30# means women use 20# dumbbells and men use 30# dumbbells.

Why are there two numbers before some lifts?

    • The first number is for women, second for men. So women do 3x pull ups, and men do 5x pull ups.

What does 400x Step-ups mean, or 10x Sandbag Get-ups? What about 5x KB Walking Lunges? Is that each side or total?

    • For Step-ups and Sandbag Get-ups, the reps are the total reps you’ll do, so 400x Step-ups is 400x total, 200x each leg. 10x Sandbag Get-ups means 10x total, 5x on each shoulder. But for lunges, the reps are always each side, so 5x Lunges is 5x each side, 10x total.

What about my diet?

  • Eating well does not take rocket science, it takes discipline. A proper diet can help speed recovery from an injury. Here are our recommended diet guidelines:
  • 6 days/week – Eat as much meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts as you want – no restriction. Drink only water, coffee or tea. Do not eat bread, pasta, or grain of any kind, no potatoes, corn or other starchy vegetables. No sugar, candy, soda or alcohol.

1 day/week – Cheat. Eat/drink anything you want.

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