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BodyWeight Ground Base


This 6-week bodyweight training program is designed for both fit, and new athletes who want to focus on bodyweight training or jumpstart their fitness. You’ll train six days a week for six weeks, totaling 36 training sessions. You’ll train Monday through Saturday and take Sundays off.

This is a total body strength and conditioning training program. It includes bodyweight strength training for your lower body, upper body and core, as well power training and aerobic endurance.

This training program is assessment based. It implements bodyweight and running assessments the first training session of weeks 1 and 4. The follow-on progressions are based upon the athlete’s assessment results.

This way the training plan automatically “scales” to the incoming fitness level of the individual athlete. Because it is assessment based, this program is appropriate for both new and possibly unfit athletes, as well as experienced, fit athletes. Everyone can benefit.


Monday: Bodyweight Progression, Sprints

Tuesday: 800m Intervals, Core/Low Back

Wednesday: Bodyweight Progression, Agility

Thursday: Long easy run, Core/Low Back

Friday: Bodyweight Progression, Sprints

Saturday: Long easy Run

Sunday: Rest


Two pieces of equipment are required to complete this plan:

  • Pull-up bar
  • Wrist watch with stopwatch and interval timer (Timex Ironman is best)

Optional Equipment:

  • 4x Cones to mark shuttle distances (though anything will do – towels, shirts, etc.)
  • 400m Track for Running Assessments and Interval Distances
  • GPS Watch with pace and distance. This will just make running intervals easier.
  • Foam Roller – can help with soreness


During this program, every number of calisthenics repetitions you perform is based on the number of repetitions you completed during your last Assessment in the program (Sessions 1 and 19).

Example (1):

Athlete performs 40x Squats, 25x Hand Release Push-ups, and 30x Sit Ups during Session 1’s calisthenics assessment. Session 3 calls for:

(1) 5 Rounds

40% Max Rep Squats

40% Max Rep Hand Release Push Ups 40% Max Rep Sit Ups

Which means …..

40% of 40x Squats = .4 x 40 = 16x Squats

40% of 25x Hand Release Push Ups = .4 x 25 = 10x Hand Release Push Ups 40% of 30x Sit Ups = .4 x 30 = 12x 0 Sit Ups

So … This athlete would grind through 5 rounds of …. 16x Squats, then …

10x Hand Release Push Ups, then …

12x Sit Ups

Example (2):

Athlete performs 10x Pull Ups in Session 19’s, calisthenics assessment. Session 23 calls for:

(5) 5 Rounds, Every 60 Sec. 30% Max Rep Pull Ups

Which means …..

30% of 10x Push-ups is 3x (.3 x 10 = ). So, a set your timer to 60 sec. On Round 1, do 3x Pull Ups as fast as possible with proper form, then rest for the remaining time in the 60 sec. interval. When Round 1’s 60 sec. is up, immediately begin Round 2 by sprinting though 3x Pull Ups as fast as possible with proper form, again resting for the remainder of the 60 sec. interval after completing all 3 reps. Repeat this through 5 Rounds.

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BodyWeight Ground Base