Plans and Sessions

Infrastructure Intergity

Our Infrastructure Integrity programming is designed around the functional task of lifting heavy while standing. I wanted to develop the Infrastructure Integrity model.

4 Rounds

    • Isometrics
    • Flexion
    • Extension



Lumbo Pelvic Complex focuses on the lower back and hip region and the scope of it is basically a circuit of four extension exercises.

4 Rounds

  • Standing Hinge Hold
  • Kneeling Hinge Hold
  • Split Stance Hinge Hold
  • Back Extensions

This Plan utilizes 5 types of Infrastructure Integrity Circuits – most with 3-4 exercises. Each circuit utilize a combination of these movements:

  • Anti Rotation
  • Rotation
  • Total
  • Extension

The first 10 circuits in the plan are 10-15 minute long sweats, and use relatively light loading. Starting thereafter with Circuit 11, the duration jumps to 15-20 minutes, and loading increases.

Common Questions:

Use These Circuits in Training…?

These Infrastructure Integrity circuits can be used as a supplemental addition to your training or as finishers.

What does “45/65#” or “12/16kg” mean?

This is the prescribed loading for women/men – so in the first example, women use 45# and men use 65#. In the second example, women use a 12kg KB and men use a 16kg KB


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