Sing Me A Tune


What music do you listen to?

Or do you even listen to any music at all?

Are you the kind of person that needs heavy had banging music?

Or do you need the “Rap God” sounding off?

Now depending on what type you need and if you listen to it or not makes a huge difference. Going from training by yourself and listening to what ever you want, to training with a partner and they like to listen to Dolly Parton.

Most people could care less about what is being played while they are lifting, but for others, music takes them to the next place, a level up or the dimension that only music can take them to. If you are that kind of person you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what music you want. Best thing for ya, if you have an ipod is to create a playlist. Have a playlist set for each day. The days that you know you are going to go super heavy or the days that you know you need to move fast to.


Picking the right music is the key to a Good, Great and HAM workout. So people can’t smell the sweat that was left over from the last folks who were training and use it like Cocaine and turn into the Hulk. Others need the lyrics of the music, the tunes or simply having something other than hear your training partner saying come on bro one more.,come on bro“Shut your filthy mouth, I got this” For the ones that listens to the words as your motivation, please choose your music wisely. Not sure that “Panda, Panda” are good lyrics to listen to, but then again I guess the beat itself isn’t too bad and could get you movin . But if you ask me just toss on some Pantera and leave me be and I guarantee I am walking out with a PR.


Music means a lot, more to some than it does others. So Be sure to make sure that what ever you use for music that the batteries are charged, you headphones are in the gym bag. And you are ready to do work and not Fuck around.


Stay Strong