Where have we been for he past week or so?  Well First off I hope everyone had a great Good Friday,Palm Sunday, Passover as well as Easter.

With all the passing of Holy week, it is time to look forward. Can you look into the future? Can you see whats ahead of you? If you have those special powers then we need to talk, I need to know how can I hit the lotto. When I ask those questions it make me think, how are you seeing whats ahead of you? Are you visualizing every lift before you perform it or do you just “Grab the Bar and go”!  For most people, well a lot of people, seeing the lift before you do is huge, in fact that is how most people break their PR.

See your set up

Seeing your lift being perform has to and should always start with your setup. How you approach the bar.  Visualization doesn’t just deal with the actual lift, it starts with the entire process. Head placement, where are your feet, what are you going to be looking at during the lift, where your hands are placed, etc.  For some the setup is the hardest part. From when your name is called, “the bar is loaded”, to your training partners loading the weight on the bar and telling you “its you set”.


Seeing that lift starts with your path to the bar. telling yourself “Light weight”! “Easy”! How many time have you told yourself that while knowing that what is on the bar is a 700lbs squat but visualizing that it is only 315lbs. With all all this in your head to start you have now begun you road to a new PR.


The Journey

So you got the set up, you know where everything is to go, what’s next? It’s time to join the greats. Its time to do your lift like you have never lifted before.  In your visualization don’t limit anything out, cause log-pressit’s time to see the future of how that lift is going to go.

No matter what lift you are doing you can always visualize it. Let take the Log lift for instance. The journey begins with pulling the log from the floor to you lap, from you lap you are going to clean it to your chest, from your chest to pressing it over you head. The best part about being able to visualize your lift is that you can slow motion of the lift to better get in your mind of how this lift is going to happen.



So now that you have Visualized every movement that needs to happen. It’s time to go do what needs to be done. “What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve”.