Why Are You Here?

What’s the reason that you decided to do strongman?

Impress Mom and Dad?

Impress your Girlfriend, Wife, Boyfriend, Husband, Side Piece?

Well we hope the reason is for you, not anybody else.

Most competitors start for the wrong reason, thinking that competing in strongman is going to be the greatest thing in the world. How we all wish.  When you start into this crazy sport of strongman you need to knw that not everything is going to go the way that you wish. Things like getting hurt, being tired, stressed out, soreness, not getting a PR. The list goes on and on.


Lets start off with something easy, like not motivated. How many time have you gone into the gym not being motivated. I can say for myself that I would need more than 2 sets of hands. “Bro you gotta get motivated for this shit”! “Let’s Go”!  So you had a shit day at work, you spilled coffee on your favorite shirt, you didn’t get to eat that poptart that you want to carb up before heading to the gym. So how in the hell are you supposed to get motivated. Just another reason to ask yourself, “why the hell am I doing this”? We all know that motivation drives us through the workout. I will tell you this. If you don’t have that self motivation……just hang it up, just hang it up and go home. No one can be the true motivation other than you. So you have o self motivation? so I will ask you again, “Why are you here”?

Moving on…….Can you handle injuries or better yet, how do you handle injuries? So you got hurt, do said you are out for 6-8 weeks. How are you going to handle it. Is it time to quit, do we bitch and moan, hmmmm. If you are going to do all that, then why are you here?  Injuries is the name of the game, bicep  tear, pec tears, hamstring strain or tear, dislocated shoulder, bulged disc (my favorite). And the phrase we say is, is not if I get images8CK950K8injured, but when I get injured. We all will suffer from some sort of injury and how we handle that injury is what makes us stronger. You have to be able to tell yourself, “yes I got injured, but I am going to come back better than ever”. Moving forward and getting better. If you aren’t doing so then why are you here.


Here comes the worst. This effects all, Weight, motivation, sleep, strength  and much more. STRESS!!!! I hate it, I think we all hate it. For most of peoples stress comes from life and work. You got a family member that is sick or ill. Your job is ridding your auntitledss to get a project done. We are all going to stress but are you bringing that stress to the gym is the question. You have to try your best to leave the stress out of your training. Cause guess what, when you have some heavy ass weight on your back or in your hands, things just aren’t going to end well. Leave that stress at the door (if you can). Stress is a hard subject just because it is hard to deal with based on person to person. It is up to you to decide how you are going to deal with it.

All of this is the big question of “Why are you here”?  Strongman/woman is a fantastic sport. When you think of that question of Why are you here, you have to think of what you are trying to get out of this sport. Is it a thing to past the time or are you really trying to make something out of it. In real talk you have to tell yourself to have FUN! Have as much fun as you can, meet new people, learn new tricks and enjoy. Because if you can’t have fun, enjoy and handle the things that were discussed.  Why are you here?